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    Welcome to Beaver Nation. This page is your dashboard to check your application status or create a new application for an upcoming semester.

    Blackburn College admits students on a rolling basis when the application is submitted and an official high school or all college transcripts are received. Submit both items to receive your admissions decision and merit scholarship decision (based on your weighted cumulative GPA) within 1-2 weeks!

    High school students with a weighted 2.75/4 GPA or higher will receive guaranteed acceptance for Fall 2023. Additionally, all full-time students will also receive a merit scholarship which is decided at the time of acceptance. Students who currently fall below a 2.75 will be required to submit additional information that is typical of most college applications.

    Transfer students must submit all official college transcripts. Your cumulative GPA will be used to determine admission and scholarship eligibility.

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    • Returning users can click on an existing application. If the application has already been submitted, you will automatically go to the application portal.

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